Tulsa Management Training | Improve Efficiency and Productivity at Work

The content was written for The Leadership Initiative

Are you looking at the best Tulsa Management Training available? Would you like to improve the efficiency and productivity in your workplace? Do you feel stuck at your current potential as a manager? Well, you stumbled upon the one place you need to get plugged into – The Leadership Initiative. Located in Tulsa, Oklahoma but available anywhere where you can answer your phone, Clay Staires and his team set the very definition of an excellent training environment and curriculum.

Regardless of your impression of other management training opportunities or what you may have been taught in the past, The Leadership Initiative will help you reach your maximum potential. It all boils down to the key essentials that every great leader and manager needs at their disposal. Clay Staires has the knowledge, the patience, and the passion to walk you through the entire experience that is custom tailored to your individual needs. You will be equipped with lessons on how to build trust and respect within your company and throughout your team. You will learn how to sit down with each member of your team and provide focused and individualized coaching to help them exceed expectations.

One of the most important skills that you will take away from your learning experience with Clay Staires at the The Leadership Initiative is the ability to communicate concisely and effectively. This is the nuts and bolts his Tulsa Management Training, and it expounds beyond verbal communication. It begins with the ability to listen effectively; to be able to understand concerns so that your directive can be understood. As a result, you will find that you will see a noticeable boost in your company’s employee retention that everyone with appreciate. The longer employees want to stay at your company, the better cohesiveness you will see long term.

Before you can improve efficiency and productivity within your workplace, it starts at the beginning with the interviewing and hiring process. Often regarded as most manager’s least favorite activity that they are required to do. It is difficult and it is incredibly important in ultimately defining the success of your team. If you plan on being able to motivate and encourage your employees, you are going to have to first hire great employees from the beginning. Although this may seem daunting at first, the best approach and best practices are taught at The Leadership Initiative.

If the ability to be better doesn’t get you excited, then this might not be the program for you. But if you get fired up and the opportunity to become a better version of yourself then you should start your Tulsa Management Training at The Leadership Initiative today! It is a simple as calling 918-798-0852 right now and having a quick conversation with Clay Staires. You can motivate and encourage your employees effectively. You can find the right talent for your company, and create an environment in which they want to stay. Today is your day. Visit www.claystaires.com today to begin your journey to excellence.

Tulsa Management Training | The Power of Proper Delegation

The content was written for The Leadership Initiative

One area that quite a few managers struggle with is properly delegating tasks, and it is one of the many lessons taught in Tulsa Management Training at The Leadership Initiative. Most managers, regardless of what industry they work in, struggle with trusting their employees to handle important tasks. The success or failure of such tasks directly reflects on them as a manager, but even more importantly it directly reflects on their ability to manage effectively. Of course, any manager can attempt to handle all the important tasks themselves without trusting their staff to properly do their individual jobs.

What typically happens is that you are handed a task, from either a customer, client or executive, and they give you a deadline on when that task should be completed. We’re all familiar with this phenomenon, regardless of the industry. The problem arises when we as managers attempt to personally handle every task given to us, even when we have a strong and talented team to could easily help. Instead of properly delegating the work to the proper departments, too many managers simply try to do everything themselves. They’ve taken the destructive mindset that if you want it done properly you need to do it yourself.

Although there are some tasks as managers that you most handle on your own, more often than not you can and should delegate to those around you. This is one of the many lessons taught within the Tulsa Management Training with Clay Staires at The Leadership Initiative. Yes, you do need to ensure that the important work actually gets done and this is a big part of your job as a manager. Every good manager is aware of this fact. Given the right mindset, however, you will realize that quite often you are not the best person to handle the task. Not only that but delegating the task to someone more capable gives them the opportunity to shine and be appreciated.

Even when you do successfully delegate important tasks to your Rockstar employees there will frequently find yourself in a position of needing to hold your team accountable for their actions. How you choose to communicate this accountability will define you as a leader and as their manager. Take the wrong the approach and you run the risk of alienating your best employees instead of inspiring them to do their best work. The Leadership Initiative and Clay Staires have witnessed firsthand the power of proper delegation, and they have a great approach to teaching the right tactics you need to success a manager.

Not only will you be a better manager in the process, you will find yourself with more time at your disposal to work on the tasks that only you can handle. It’s time to step up to the plate and begin your Tulsa Management Training at The Leadership Initiative. You should give Clay Staires a call right now at 918-798-0852. You can also visit the website at www.claystaires.com where you can see the success stories of other managers that have been through the training. Get in touch with them today, and begin your brighter and better future.

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