Tulsa Management Training | Comfy Chairs

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

How comfortable your employees in their workplace? There are lotta things that go into being comfortable and cannot really be limited to their physical comfort such as sitting in a comfortable chair in the Tulsa management training. Are they comfortable with the emotional support they receive from their management? Well, that doesn’t really matter because it is not managements job to provide emotional support for employees that are emotionally unstable or dealing with a difficult time. To find out more about The Leadership Initiative and how you can get involved with also management training you should go to www.claystaires.com or give Clay a call at 918-798-0852.

That sounds harsh to say, but It is not a manager’s job to deal with his employees’ emotions. It is little things like this that you will learn in Tulsa management training with Clay Staires. Clay is a master of emotional management but also realizes that managers and business owners have too many responsibilities to have to deal with the emotions of their lower-level employees. This training will give you not only the emotional insight but also the knowledge of how to handle emotional employees.

Being comfortable is actually one of the largest hindrances that people face. If you were too comfortable then you’re not going to be pushing yourself to get better and continue to grow in every aspect of your life. If you’re comfortable, there is nothing pushing forward. So you have to surround yourself with people and tasks that are going to stretch her limits and cause you to grow in the process because being comfortable is only going to prevent you from seeing the need to grow.

People often lose their motivation when they feel like they are no longer growing or have reached their potential for growth. But if they continue to live without hope, they will drag down all other employees in your company. Take Tulsa Management training with Clay Staires to find out that Benjamin Franklin once said that many people die at 25 but are not buried until they are 75. This is a metaphor for people that stop pursuing their dreams and stop having hope for a brighter future than they currently have.

Also, management training with Clay Staires will push your company one step closer to accomplishing your dreams. He keeps dreams alive even when all hope is lost so you should trust Clay with all of your goals, and he will find a way to help you accomplish them. Clay has a background in education that allows him to present complicated information in a way that is easy to understand but he is also strict with his clients in the sense that he wants them to use the information he is providing rather than just sit on it and continue to pay for consulting when they are not benefiting from it because of their lack of action. Tulsa management training with Clay Staires will push any business owner to their limits as they continue to grow their business. To learn more about how you can get into the business consulting program of The Leadership Initiative, go to www.claystaires.com or call 918-798-0852 to speak with Clay directly about how he can help your business.

Tulsa Management Training | Brutal Candor

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

For your business to thrive, you have to establish a culture of absolute candor. It is crucial that your employees are entirely honest with you and that you are entirely honest with them. At times, people will decide to withhold the truth in order to say feelings but what they are doing instead is discrediting the person and deeming them incapable of handling the truth in processing and on the way. In a sense, by wanting to someone or withholding truth you are being disrespectful to them. They use a proven playbook written by Dr. Robert Zoellner and Clay Clark. Find out more about this playbook go to www.claystaires.com or call Clay personally at 918-798-0852.

No matter your intentions it is very important that you are brutally honest with people so that they know exactly what your intentions are and what you would like to accomplish and what you expect out of them as employees. To keep this culture alive, you have to be the perfect and shining example of candidness. Clay Staires discusses the importance of candor in your business culture in his Tulsa management training sessions. He is confident that he can turn any business into a successful one if he works with a business owner that is willing to make the changes necessary to succeed.

Think of a time when you decided to withhold the truth from somebody for the sake of their feelings. How did that turn out? When they found out that you did not tell them the complete truth, were they happy that you thought about their feelings? The more likely scenario is that they were incredibly upset with you for lying. That is because humans appreciate the respect that it takes to tell the truth. If someone is not honest with you how does that make you feel? It makes you feel like they rob you of the decision to be able to handle the truth.

So do not do that with your employees. Even though you are their superior and you have the ability to create whatever culture you like, you need to create one of Candor so that they can trust you and get on the same train that you were on and to go the same direction that you were trying to go but that is only going to happen if there is completely open communication and open communication can only occur if there is complete candor within a workplace.

These are the types of things that you will learn in Tulsa management training with Clay Staires. His team at the leadership initiative is adept at getting the most out of business owners and helping them to push their businesses to the next level. If you are looking to dramatically improve your business, then you need to take Tulsa management training with The Leadership Initiative. Call Clay at 918-798-0852 to find out how you can get involved. Or go to his website www.claystaires.com for more information.

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