Tulsa Management Training | Set Yourself on Fire

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Needing a new perspective or a fire under your belly to actually lead your company? At the Tulsa leader ship training, Clay Staires and his phenomenal team of leaders from the leader ship initiative will be putting on an intensive training on how to reignite your leader ship and ability to lead. Go online to www.claystaires.com to sign up and reserve your seats for this up-and-coming training. You are also able to sign up over the phone with the team by dialing 918-798-0852. When you go online you’ll be able to learn more and over the phone the team will love to give you more information on this amazing Tulsa management training opportunity.

Clay Staires is a man who has been teaching, leading, managing, and running different types of business for 20+ years. He is well-versed in the ability to know how to manage people, lead people, and getting people to do what they need to do. It was not always the case that he knew how to be a good manager or a leader, he had to learn the different ways that great leaders lead. At the Tulsa management training Clay will be teaching on the best practices for leader ship in management no matter what Industry or company you are with.

The leadership initiative and Clay will be helping teach they are proven system of how to get your business to be where you want it to be, so that you can live the life that you want to live. But, they will not be only teaching you the steps to get your business where you wanted to be, but they will be giving you the different tools that you need to be a better leader in your company so that you can inspire your employees and staff to do what you need them to do. If you are someone who struggles with management or enjoying training others, this training will be very beneficial for you.

At the Tulsa Management training there will be different breakout sessions where Clay and his team are teaching on different specific aspects of the company. Some of those may include talks on how to hire a players, how to create better management systems, and even on how to run and efficient meeting. Each of these breakouts will be smaller sessions so that you were able to ask more questions, and don’t forget that when you attend this training, you will be eligible for a discount of coaching from Clay in the team.

If you were looking to grow and become the best version of yourself, then you deafly want to sign up for this training as soon as you can. You can sign up by going online to www.Claystaires.com or you can get with one of the team members at the leadership Initiative by dialing 918-798-0852. These tickets are going quickly so you won’t want to call or go online as soon as you can. Also, when you go online you will be able to read more about Clay and his incredible team of implementers. Not to mention, that there were also be a mini video and written testimonials from a real business owners who have attended this training. Go online or call today!

Tulsa Management Training | Monumental Momentum

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Trying to find the momentum that you and your team need to get motivated? Then you are going to want to attend the torso management training that will be right here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Clay Staires and his fabulous team from the leader ship initiative will be putting on this wonderful event. If you are wanting to attend this coming April, then you were going to want to go online to www.claystaires.com to reserve your seats. You are also able to sign up by dialing 918-798-0852.

If you are currently in a position of leadership or one needing Tulsa management training then this training will be a game changer for you and your position. If you’re ever in a position of leadership or training, then you are highly aware of how this role immediately means that you are in a roll of influence. Whether you like it or not, the people around you, and or below you, will mimic or do whatever it is that you were doing. If you are feeling lost or like you are trying to figure it out, this training will be amazingly beneficial for you.

The purpose and goal of the Tulsa management training is to help and equip managers and leaders in the company who feel like they have lost their vision, goal, or even just their momentum. Clay Staires is a highly trained and qualified speaker, businessman, coach, inspirational leader due to his background in teaching, ministry, and years of business. When you attend this training, you will not only be learning many different tools and action steps that you can take once you leave, but you will be thoroughly entertained.

Most like to say that Clay Staires is his own comedy show whenever he gets on stage, this is the truth. No, he did not have his own comedy act or practice comedy, but he always made sure that he was the center of attention and had everyone laughing. Due to his need for attention, he has really crafted an art for being funny. Clay was a teacher for 15 years and so he has now mixed his gift of comedy with his gift of teaching, which is only beneficial for any and everyone around. Clay will be teaching on the proven steps that you need it to be a better leader And manager for your company.

At the Tulsa management training you will not just be coming for a hyper session, but you will actually be getting teaching and learning things that you didn’t know could be so simple. It will be one thing to learn from this training, but it will be another thing to go back into your business or company and to actually apply what you have learned. Again, to sign up for this training, you can go to www.Claystaires.com or you are able to sign up over the phone with one of the team members from the leader ship initiative. You can get a hold of them at 918-798-0852. Clay Staires and his team are waiting for you so they can train you all of their wisdom and nuggets of knowledge.

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