Tulsa Management Training | You Snooze, You Lose

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

If you were given the choice, would you choose to be fully rested at all times and sleep as much as you would like, or would you choose to be wildly successful in business? Unfortunately, it is very difficult to accomplish both. So as a business owner, you will have to choose which one is more important to you. This is not mean you have to stay up every single night all the way through the night. But it does mean that if you would like to be successful, then you need to start waking up earlier. You can counteract this by going to sleep earlier. To learn more about the balance of sleep and work, start Tulsa management training with Clay Staires and his company Leadership Initiative. Give them a call at 918-798-0852 or visit his website www.claystaires.com.

In Tulsa management training, Clay Staires will tell you that more than 80% of millionaires and billionaires on this earth wake up before 5 AM. Does that sound like a coincidence? Not getting enough sleep over a long period of time can definitely damage your health but you would be surprised how many people are oversleeping. How many hours of sleep do you think you need? Because in reality, full-grown adults need about 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night. But many adults are sleeping for 9 or more hours each day.

Along with the adjustment to your sleep schedule, you will have to find a way to be more productive earlier in the morning. You need to spend a decent amount of time planning your day and making your daily schedule before the day starts. This does not mean that you can come in at 8 AM and plan your day. Your day should be planned before your day starts. Tulsa management training will show you the importance of having time before your workday begins to think on a middle level and think about the big picture to plan for your company’s future.

Clay Staires wakes up at 3:30 AM every morning to begin his day. That is the best time for him to work out and create his schedule and review notes for upcoming client meetings and also have a small amount of leisure time. He is an incredibly organized man and stays with his schedule strictly. He advises that all his clients do the same thing. If you are only working 40 hours per week, then it is very unlikely that you will be able to accomplish anything that no one has ever accomplished.

This is not to say that you have to be a one of a kind business to be successful and make the paycheck that you want to make, but every true entrepreneur should desire to accomplish something great and you cannot do that with fewer working hours than your competition. In Tulsa management training with Clay Staires, he outlines this ideology greatly. To learn more about it go to www.claystaires.com or give Clay a call at 918-798-0852.

Tulsa Management Training | Cold Call Science

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

People tend to be intimidated by the concept of cold calling. But the fact of the matter is, it is the backbone of any successful sales machine. The extreme likelihood is that your business is struggling to find enough leads that are going to lead to customers. If that is the case you have to make your own leads. You can purchase leads from different programs such as sales Genie, Or you can find leads through other methods. Clay Staires stresses the importance of effective cold calling in Tulsa management training through his company The Leadership Initiative. To learn more about his program, visit www.claystaires.com or call Clay at 918-798-0852.

The biggest objection cold calling is that salesman struggle to deal with rejection from random people on a consistent basis. But you have to think of the rejection as something other than it seems. What is actually happening is the person you are calling that gets angry is only angry with the concept of Colt calling they are not mad at you specifically.

You have to keep this mindset as you continue to call as many people as you can possibly reach because there will be an overwhelming number of rejections. But this does not mean that the potential customer is rejecting you as a salesman or your product, it just means that they are unhappy with the number of cold calls they get on a given day. You never know which random person that you called was looking specifically for your rental product so you have to call as many people as you possibly can to give yourself the best chance to reach that ideal customer. In Tulsa management training, you will learn the importance of cold calling and how it pushes forward the sales machine within your company. Clay Staires uses Colt calling him his own business model to push his consulting programs.

In Tulsa management training, The Leadership Initiative will show you how to build your own sales machine that involves effective cold calling. To do it effectively at a high volume it is necessary to have a script for your salespeople to read over the phone. With enough practice, the sales people should be able to sound conversational and whines on the script without breaking permit too much.

People are often concerned that Colt Coley is kind of a Louis thing to do in that your call is unsolicited, and they want nothing to do with your business but that is not always the case. If you have a valuable product that you know can benefit people, make sure that your salesmen believe that your product does benefit people in this wild him to have more confidence in their script. Call Clay Staires at 918-798-0852 to find out more about how you can get involved with Tulsa management training through his company The Leadership Initiative. If you can’t get a hold of him just visit his website www.claystaires.com to watch video testimonials of real clients that she has helped bring to the surface with the effective cold calling.

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