Tulsa Management Training | To Have Vision Is To Have Success
This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

There’s nothing more important than to have vision is to have success. There is nothing quite like Tulsa management training from business coach Clay Staires. I’ve got a pretty good thing for you and your business. Clay Staires is America’s millionaire school teacher. Clay has the ability to help you plant the seeds that will eventually grow into a successful business. If you’d like to get a hold of this number one motivational speaker in Oklahoma ranked by gig Masters.com, then to pick up the phone and call 918-798-0852. It is that simple and it will very enjoyable.
As the leading coach in Oklahoma he offers one of a kind Tulsa management training with his out of this world company the leadership initiative. Clay Staires leads entrepreneurs through the proven steps that allow their companies to run without them so that they can be free to live the life they were truly meant to live. He will give you the processes and systems that will allow you to have more freedom and flexibility. The Staires steps are going to walk you through six different phases creating purpose, energy, confidence, growth, freedom, and finally efficiency in your business. You will not be disappointed.

We have a variety of different services here at the leadership initiative, all of which are non-industry-specific, meaning no matter what business you are in you will benefit from the Staires Steps to Freedom. You can come in at the turnkey level and start rock ‘n roll and at the highest level right away. Or you can move in and check out one of our workshops. You might just be looking for some executive level consulting services in which our executive coaching programs would be perfect. To have a vision is to have success and that is the goal that you work toward when doing Tulsa management training with Clay Staires.

No matter which level you are at in your life it will be privy to Clay’s dynamic personality and engaging communication, and his knowledge and humor. Clay Staires is one of the best possible options out there for a Tulsa management training coach that knows how to bring the boo to your doorstep. He will draw upon his years of experience teaching and coaching and embark on a mission with you to set your company free and help you design the life of your dreams by any one of our services. Is truly an honor to be able to fulfill Clay Staires vision every day in his company. If you’d like to learn more about Tulsa management training pick up the phone and dial 918-798-0852 or visit us online at www.theleadershipinitiative.com. When you do that we are going to be able to get you hooked up with a free consultation with Clay. What are you waiting for?! You will not be disappointed with this training! To have a vision is to have success. Do not wait call today!

Tulsa Management Training | So Good You Will Slap Your Grandma
This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

The Tulsa management training that you will find that the leadership initiative, and provided by Clay stairs the head Tulsa business coach, are so good you will slap your grandma. Clay staires was named 2012 citizen of the year in his hometown of skiatook, Oklahoma with the Chamber of Commerce. This gives credit to the amazing Tulsa management training that he offer small business owners. He has available for you is just a phone call away and also online at www.theleadershipinitiative.com. You can get a free consultation to find out more about this training by going to the website or by dialing 918-798-0852. The consultation is free, no obligation. We just want to know if we would be a good fit for you and your company. Check us out today! It is well worth taking a look.

I like to share the vision statement for Clay Staires and the leadership initiative. It is to set people free to live the life they were designed to live. Sounds amazing right? There are so many awesome systems and processes that can be available from the leadership initiative due to this vision statement being lived every day by its founder. Clay staires has experience with this statement. He also has experience coaching for 15 years as a public and private school teacher and football and track coach which has given him skills to lead others. Another 10 years as an executive director Anna successful nonprofit sharpened those skills even further. And standing in front of audiences for the last five years, sharing the stage with business gurus like Tom Ziglar, Clay Clark, Gary Vaynerchuk, and others is only helping his credibility when it comes to his leadership resources. His training is so good you will slap your grandma. Tulsa management training can only be found at the leadership initiative. Call 918-798-0852 to find out more about this dynamic coach.

Clay’s missing mission statement is pretty powerful. It is to lead entrepreneurs through the proven steps that allow their companies to run without them being there so that they can be free to live the life that they were truly designed to live. We do this through utilizing Clay’s experience and a proven system. That proven system is known at the leadership initiative as, the staires steps to freedom. If you give us a call at 918-798-0852 and schedule your free 30 minute consultation with Clay, you can ask and find all the good information on the stairs steps to freedom. These steps can set you free. So call for a tulsa management training today. Clay knows how to help you implement these systems. And freedom giving leadership steps. Clay does things the right way. He lives by and runs his company through his core values. All this and more can be yours. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 918-798-0852.

Clay Staires