Tulsa Management Training | Passion On Fire

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Clay Staires and his team from the Leadership Initiative are going to be putting on the Tulsa management training event of the year this weekend. Do not wait to get in line and fill out a spot for you to sit and get all of the knowledge and wisdom that your heart could ever desire when it comes to management and leadership. Check out Clay and his team online at www.claystaires.com or you can give them an actual call at 918-798-0852. This is an opportunity that you are not going to want to pass up.

Comedy and fun are some of the main pillars for clay and his team when it comes to teaching and training. The Tulsa management training is the event of the year for anyone who is in a management role. This event will cause you to have you passion on fire for great and greater levels of management. Today, most employees work for a manager that they do not like and hate their jobs due to their direct report. Come attend the training and watch you every day life be caught on fire.

Clay is a well know speaker across the country with the tag name of America’s Millionaire school teacher. He went from being a school teacher, pulling his families struggling business to award winning status, to become an entrepreneur to helping coach and train every day people and business owners on how to enhance their management abilities. He is a phenomenal teacher who burns with passion to see management done well. This training will not disappoint education and laughing. Clay and his team are notoriously known for making the crowds roll with laughter.

You life will be completely transformed by you choosing to come to the Tulsa management training. You will find that you seem to have more time getting to do the things that you want to do, more money, better relationships, more opportunity, and more peace overall. Most people struggle through life just trying to survive. Why do that when you know that there is an opportunity for you to learn to thrive in life? Sign up or call Clay and his team today to make sure to get your spot reserved. Seats are going fast so you are going to want to look into this as soon as possible. You will be able to look online and see what is still available for you and your friends.

Clay and the Leadership initiative team can be found online at www.claystaires.com or, if you prefer to talk to someone on the phone, you can call them at 918-798-0852. These are not your ordinary leaders and trainers, they actually care and will be attentive to helping make your dreams a reality and whatever form of success you want, possible. There is nothing that is too hard or too high to attain, it just takes effort and hard work. See you there!

Tulsa Management Training | Management with a BOOM

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

The Tulsa Management training experts will be making their appearance this year at the training happening in the middle of October. Clay Staires and his team from the leadership initiative will be speaking on how to liven up not only your management, but your whole life. They will cover things from family, finances, fitness, and friends, all the way to the work place. Make sure you go and check them out on the web at www.claystaires.com or you can call Clay and his team at 918-798-0852.

The Tulsa Management training has been going on for the past couple of years and has been highly successful. This event is known not only for helping leaders and managers grow in their management skills in the workplace, but it is also know for revolutionizing peoples lives with freedom. When most people think of management, they think of how they can manage the workplace better or more effectively, most don’t realize that this is needed in every area of their lives. We all need help learning how to manage our time, schedule, eating, relationships, finances, fun, yes we actually need help with fun some times. There is no area that does not not need help in the area of management.

Clay is a passionate and enthusiastic motivational speaker who has 15 years of teaching the classroom under his belt. You know that when you attend the Tulsa management training that there will be no lack in ability when it comes to teaching or being entertained. Clay is known for having big crowd involvement, so that everyone is engaged, and he is also known for making his crowds laugh so hard they hit the point of tears. Nothing new for his team at the leadership initiative but something that never gets old. Who doesn’t like to laugh?!

Different perks of the curriculum that you will be going through with Clay and his team is the you will have full access to their online classes and videos to continue your learning once you attend the in-person training. They truly live to see other peoples lives enhanced and lived to the fullest, so they have made sure to get you continued learning tools. You will have an online login to the leadership initiatives website where you will be able to find all of this wonderful and super helpful information. If you come and attend the in-person training, then you will be given a discount for you sign up for the continued learning. This is a great deal considering all of the life changing tools and skills you will be gaining.

Get in contact with Clay and his team today. Go online to www.claystaires.com and fill out the form that you will see on the front page. If you have any trouble navigating the website, you are also more than free to give Clay and the team a call at 918-978-0852. Clay’s team in waiting with eager anticipation to hear from you and getting to be in connection with helping transform your life for the better. Do not wait to change, make the moves today to see the transformation happen.

Clay Staires