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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Creating a company culture is essential to having a great company. When you attend the Tulsa management training event, that will be hosted by Clay Staires and at the leader ship initiative, they will be giving you different easy things that you can do to enhance your current culture. Go online to www.Claystaires.com to find out more about Clay Staires and the leader ship initiative team. You can call 918-798-0852 to reserve your spot at the training and talk to a real human about more information.

If you are a leader or a manager and a company, then you know the importance of company culture. One of the main ways that Clay and his team will help you navigate through creating a successful and inviting culture is by teaching them how to be an active listener. Really great leaders and managers have the keen ability to listen to their staff or their employees and hear what they’re saying and also what they are not saying. Working with a millennial generation it is very important to be able to care for your team and also hear them so that they feel heard.

Clay Staires is a phenomenal communicator here is very energetic and passionate about having real business owners and managers be able to create the best company culture that they can. Creating a culture of team is going to be vitally important as well. Clay will give you the practical steps to help you build the team atmosphere with what you currently have. All of this is going to begin with you, the leader or manager, and being able to have a new mindset on how to go about not only leading but also personally being a team player.

Many of the things that Clay and his team will be teaching on will not only be important for your company, but I will also be super important for you as an individual. The goal and purpose of the Tulsa management training is to help leaders be equipped with everything that they need to be able to help their teams in companies get to where they want them to go. Clay Staires has also created a curricula him to not only help with company culture but also how to practically manage and lead your team.

If you are interested in attending the Tulsa management training that’s going to be hosted by Clay Staires and the leader ship initiative, then you were going to want to go online to www.claystaires.com or you can call 918-798-0852. Attending this training is it going to be a pivotal in seeing at the change in your company that you want to see you and also watching retention in your employees. After you attend this training, you will see a huge difference and not only yourself as an employer but also in your employees. Don’t wait to sign up, do it today!

Tulsa Management Training | Set to Grow

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

But also management training is a training that is set to help you grow. If you are not growing in your life, then you’re probably feeling pretty stagnant and dissatisfied with your current state of life. Many people will find themselves having a mental breakdown around their 30s due to stopped learning. Clay Staires and the leader ship initiative team it will be addressing all of these vitally important aspects of growing. Go online to www.claystaires.com or you can call 918-798-0852 to sign up and get your seats for the training.

If you are in a position of leading, at any capacity, then you should be continuously learning. Never have I met a leader who has got it all together and who is not reading or learning. The amount of your ability or stand in your growth only happens because you stop choosing to move forward and grow. If you were interested in seeing yourself become better, whether that’s at work or in your personal life, then attending the Tulsa management training will be vital for your growth.

Clay Staires is the author of A book called “grow“ and he is a passionate teacher of how to not only grow but the different steps to help you get to where you are tangibly growing. He starts with how you need to turn the soil so that I can be prepared and ready for the seeds, or the new ways of thinking, to be planted. Clay Staires is a huge advocate of your thought life being the most vital part of your life. Because from your thoughts is where everything else flows and comes from. You are also able to get one of these books when you attend this training.

Play training is for leaders who not only want to grow themselves but they want to learn how to grow their team. If you are a leader or manager in the company and then you know the stresses of being able to lead your team, and leave them really well. Clay Staires has created a curriculum to simply walk you down that will help you gain and get the tools that you need to be able to communicate with your team affectively to be able to help them not only be a great team members and team players but to get them to do what it is that you want them to do.

Getting your team to do what you want them to do is a study artwork. While you attend the Tulsa management training, Clay Staires and leader ship initiative team will not only be giving you a workbook or something to take all your notes on, but they will also be giving you access to different tools to stay in contact with them throughout the year. Go online to www.claystaires.com or call 918-798-0852 to get seats at this training and to also learn more about Clay And the leadership initiative.

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