Tulsa Management Training | Round and Round We Go

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

It can sometimes feel like you are going round and round in circles hoping for a different outcome but keep getting the same results. Here, at the Tulsa management training, you will find a new way of thinking that will break you free from the mindset that keeps you from the transformation you are deeply desiring. The highly effective, entertaining, and crazy motivational speaker, Clay Staires, will be present, along with his amazing team from the Leadership Initiative. Go online and see clay and his team at www.claystaires.com or call them at 918-798-0852.

The Tulsa Management training program is a true life altering event. It will be impossible for you to come to the training and not be changed into a whole different version of you. You will want to invite all of your friends and family so you have people to share this life altering event with. This will be help in Oklahoma, so you don’t have far to travel or go, but it will be exactly what you need to get you through and promoted into where you want to be.

Clay is known across the country as “America’s Millionaire School Teacher” because he was a school teacher and coach for fifteen years and is now a millionaire. Whoa! Clay is well versed in his ability to manage and lead. He has been managing and leading his way to where he is today and has created a very successful life for him and his family. Clay and his incredible team are wanting to teach you and your friends everything they know about how to get out to the daily loop and into a trajectory that is causing you to grow and live the life you desire to have.

Clay’s winning personality will have you captured and entertained for hours on end. Do not worry, there will be breaks in the Tulsa management training, along with tasty food and snacks. Clay has an amazing ability to be able to hold the attention of any crowd. We would say he is an intelligent speaker that meets a comedian. It is inevitable for everyone in the crowd to be rolling in laughter multiple times throughout the whole training. Clay will also be passing the baton on to his team throughout the program as well. No worries, they are as funny as Clay, if not more funny.

Be sure to go and checkout all the details of the Tulsa Management Training online at www.claystaires.com. Any question you have will be answered on that website or you can call a real person at 918-798-0852. This training event will get you out of going round and round and into the new fresh way of going about your everyday. Don’t wait to be apart for the transformation that thousands of people will be experiencing this coming weekend. Go check out the details and sign up for the training today.

Tulsa Management Training | Applicable Information

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

The Tulsa management training will be full of information hat you will be able to apply to every part of your every day. Clay Staires and his team from the Leadership Initiative will be teaching for the month of September. They will not only be teaching on management, but they will be rolling out wisdom nuggets throughout the entire training. Management is the key to successful leadership. Go online and check out Clay, his team, and more information about the Tulsa management training at www.claystaires.com. You can also get into contact or get more information by calling 918-798-0852. There will be someone from Clay’s team on the other line to help you with any questions you may have.

Clay is born and raised in good ‘ol Oklahoma. He was a star athlete who became a school teacher and coach. He remained in that profession for about fifteen years and then went home to help his dying family’s business. There he brought his parents business to award winning status and created a curriculum that is for high school to college age students. From there he went on to own multiple different businesses and currently runs the Leadership Initiative, is a business coach for entrepreneurs, a motivational speaker, and travels around helping business owners take back control of their companies.

Clay started the Leadership Initiative with the intent on helping business owners and leaders around the world grow in their ability to manage and lead. This is now what he does on a daily basis. Clay created the Tulsa management training to help people, no matter their status or position in life. You could be a stay at home mom, CEO of a company, or a college age student. No matter what stage or position of life you are in, you will 100% learn and gain very applicable information from this training.

Clay has personally trained every member on his team to be top of the line and full of the knowledge that you may need to be or become successful. There will be different breakout sessions at the training that will allow you to interact and pick which leader you would like to hear from. Each training session will be packed with information and crowd interaction to make sure everyone stays engaged and entertained. There also may or may not be prizes and a drawing for everyone who attends. Let’s just say that you will want to make sure that you are present for giving away of this drawing.

Sign up today so that you don’t miss you chance to be a part of the Tulsa management training awesomeness. You can go online and look up more details, information, and cost at www.claystaires.com. The website is an easy layout that is easy to navigate. Everything you will need to know is on that website. If you discover your question is not getting answered, then you can give the leadership initiative team a call at 918-798-0852. Make sure to reserve your seat for the training that is happening soon!

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