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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Clay Staires is setting appointments with potential clients; he finds that the majority of appointments that he sets never make. Why is this? Why would a business owner say that he would do something and then not do it? The answer is simple. He didn’t put it in his calendar, and he got overwhelmed with every other element of his business. The sad fact is that the majority of business owners don’t keep calendars. If you cannot manage your time, then how can you possibly expect to manage your work and your people.

You absolutely have to be able to say when you were going to be doing something and get it done during that time. People that are unable to manage their calendars are some of the least successful in business. Tulsa management training will teach you the importance of keeping an accurate counter with detailed descriptions of what you’re going to be doing each hour. This gives you the power to be able to say no to distractions. If you have everything that you need to do block that on your calendar that no one can pressure you to doing it at a specific time. This is an expression that Clay Staires really likes to use when he is coaching clients in Tulsa management training. You’re Your thoughts lead to your emotions, your emotions lead to you believes, your beliefs lead to your actions, your actions lead to results.

By this logic if you cannot manage your actions, then you will not be able to control what your company is able to accomplish. But this comes down to managing your time. Managing your time is so important and you have to get everything that is important knocked out before you can allow any of the other BS to creep into your schedule. If you are constantly on the run and putting out burning fires, then you were never going to be able to prioritize your time. There is nothing that you will ever be able to delegate if you were the only person that knows how to do everything.

You have to be able to train your employees of the bacon so burning fires for you and you can stay focus on the big picture girls that are going to propel your company further into the future. If you lose sight of the future than you are going to get lost in the present in your company will die. You have to have big goals and a long-term plan for your company and if you do not have those then you will never succeed in business. Too many business owners fall into the trap that they are the only ones capable of doing a perfect job at whatever it is that they do.

But if you were able to get some high-quality people and Training affectively then you can find a way to delegate high calorie responsibilities to them so that you can focus on being at the leader level. Leader level is clearly defined in Tulsa management training with Clay Staires and you should definitely consider the leadership initiative for all of your coaching needs. Everyone needs a business coach and that is according to Steve Jobs. I think I will take Mr. jobs word for it before I will listen to anyone else that tells me that they know how to run their business and they’re the only one that can do what they do. Call Clay Staires 918-798-0852 or go to www.claystaires.com to learn more about the leader ship initiative and Clay Staires.

Tulsa Management Training | Pen and Paper

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

How many times have you gotten the excuse from an employee that they forgot what you asked them to do? Maybe you told them before they had their coffee, or they had a really hectic day and didn’t get to it. These types of things can be avoided if you require all your employees to write things down. Easiest way to do this is to require them to carry a clipboard around with them when they are not at their desk. This allows everybody to keep up with their busy schedules throughout the day while having a mobile way to memorize the tasks that are given to them that are not on their daily calendar at the beginning of the day. Call Clay at 918-798-0852 were going to www.claystaires.com to learn more about the leadership initiative and their Tulsa management training program.

I would also advise you to have your employees print off their to do list each day so that they can physically mark off the task that they get accomplished, providing them with an intrinsic reward that will further incentivize them to complete other tasks. Physically marking things off the list can be really gratifying and may fuel employees to work harder to ensure that they get everything marked off. Clay Staires keeps what she calls a daily steering well. This daily steering wheel consists of his daily to do list and his calendar with times blocked out by the hour for what he is going to be doing at that time of day.

He will teach any business owner about this in Tulsa Management Training if they are willing to work on the business. Someone really smart said that the pain is for remembering and the brain is for critical thinking. There are a lot of crazy things that happen throughout a workday especially in a busy environment. If you were trying to keep all these things memorized in your head, then it will be difficult to make sure that they all get done. You are bound to forget something if you do not write everything down.

This is why everyone at the leadership initiative has to carry a clipboard and write down any relevant details to the day that are not currently on their calendars. This allows them to focus on decisions at hand and not have to worry about things in the future. If you can focus on the task at hand and you’ll be much more productive than if you are constantly considering what you will have to do later in the day. Being able to write things down provide you the power to move on from task to task seamlessly without having to stop and plan out your entire day every single time you change what you’re doing.

This also gives you the power to say no to more things. If you have a time blocked out in the afternoon to take care of something, when your managers come in ask you to do things you just tell them know and that you will do it when you have a blocked out later in the day. This will help you keep better control of your own schedule and writing everything down plays a large role in that. Going through Tulsa management training will teach you the tools on how to manage your time in your calendar as well as manager thoughts through writing down the things that you need to remember not having to worry about them throughout the day. Go to www.claystaires.com or call 918-798-0852 if you would like to learn more about Clay Staires and his team.

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