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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

What kind of culture exists in your office space? Is it a culture of trust in production, or is it a culture of gossip and laziness? Many business owners believe that they do not have control over the culture in their office, but the Tulsa management training will teach you differently. This is a terrible misconception that needs to be at nipped at the bud immediately. The owner of the business is the one that makes every integral decision that allows the business to exist. This includes hiring people, establishing systems that design what an employee is going to be doing on a daily basis. Go to www.claystaires.com or call 918-798-0852 if you want to see real results in your company through Tulsa and Management Training with The Leadership Initiative.

If you do not have control over what your employees are doing on a daily basis, then you do not have any control over the culture. You also have to realize that the way that your employees behave is the way that you allow them to behave. If you have a very tight leash on gossip and laziness, then your employees are going to be forced to be more productive and less talkative or they will no longer have a job with your company.

One of the many benefits of taking Tulsa management training is that Clay Staires will teach you how to establish an effective culture that will attract A+ players to your team. But what kind of culture draws in that type of candidate? Is a very simple answer but a very difficult thing to execute. You have to provide an environment where these candidates are challenge regularly in forced to grow because A+ players are typically those who have the desire to constantly improve. You are the business owner that should be your mentality, but you have to want that a top mentality out of your employee.

You also want to create a culture of honesty within your workplace. You do this by being very upfront about your goals with your employees. If they understand your mission and your vision, then they will be much more likely to work harder for you to help you accomplish your goal. You have to give them that type of transparency if you want them to give 100% of themselves to your mission. But this brings up an interesting point, do you know what your mission for your company is?

If you don’t then that is step one, but you absolutely have to do right now. You half to clearly define exactly what your mission and your vision for your company are. If you do not have a WHY then it is much harder to determine WHAT you have to do to get there. The roadmap that is given to you in this training can you guide your business along a proven path that will absolutely lie to needle-moving results for your company. Trust in Clay Staires in his experience to take your business into orbit and allow you the time and financial freedom that you have been striving for since you were 18 years old. Call 918-798-0852 or go to www.claystaires.com to find out more about getting involved with the Leadership Initiative and they are Tulsa management training program.

Tulsa Management Training | Misconceptions

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

For some reason, business owners tend to be full of excuses for why their business is not running as it should. The reality is that they are finding a way to justify their shortcomings by blaming their failure on somebody else. This is not going to work if you want to run a scalable replicable business that is going to generate more money for you then you are currently making. Clay Staires will tell you in Tulsa management training that you have to find a way to take the blame for everything that happens within your company because at the end of the day you are responsible for what happens because you are the one that hired all the employees in a signed all the tasks and had the lack of structure and failed to follow through on the promise that you made to the customer. Call Clay Staires and his team at 918-798-0852 we’re going to www.claystaires.com to find out more about how you can get involved with this training.

You are responsible for everything that happens in your business. It’s a tough pill to swallow for a lot of people, but Tulsa management training will show you how it relates to the success of your business when you are able to take full responsibility and take pride in every single thing that your business produces in every single process that your business has in functionality. Clay Staires has the passion to break every single business owner free from the chains of time and money. He wants to help everyone accomplish this that he possibly can but if a business owner is unwilling to take the blame for their company results then they will not succeed in the programs that Clay Staires has designed.

He follows a proven path that is guaranteed to make any business drive if the business owner is willing to be diligent and pursue all the action items that are given to them on a weekly basis. Taking Tulsa management training with Clay Staires can push your business across the threshold that has been holding you back for years.

Sometimes you just need an outside side of eyes to look at your business and evaluate it and coach you through the nuances of running a business because no matter how book smart a person is you cannot know exactly what it’s like until you have actually done it. Clay Staires has done it. He owns four businesses currently.

Many business owners also believe that they are not in control of their lives, and there is an extra force that is preventing them from accomplishing their goals. While the purpose of this article is not to debate the existence of God, it is purpose is to help business owners realize that they do have control of their lives in the actions that they take can’t directly impact their future. They have to have the mentality that their hard work will result in benefit for their business and for their life if they desire to be a true entrepreneur. This belief is just part of the program thrown by Clay Staires and his team at The Leadership Initiative. to learn more about it, go to www.claystaires.com or call the team at 918-798-0852.

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