Tulsa Management Training | Extraordinary Groups

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Learn how to be a great manager and create a very well-oiled and efficient team. Clay Staires is going to be teaching at the Tulsa management training on how to not only be a great leader for a whole company about how to also find the right people to create the best team. The way that Clay Staires teaches on the subject is easy to learn and easy to implement. You are not going to want to miss out on this training. You are able to call 918-798-0852 to talk to one of the team members from the leader ship initiative or you can go online to www.claystaires.com to learn more information.

If you currently are a manager or a leader in a company, then you know how hard it can be to find it really great employees. When it comes to hiring and building a team, this can take many hours and I can also be very strenuous on you mentally because at some point she will just hire people to hire people. Clay Staires will be teaching on how to use your time efficiently and how to look at a lot of people in a short amount of time. But also management training is going to be full of different tricks and moves that you can do to optimize your life into what you want it to be.

When it comes to finding the right people that you want in the right places, Clay Staires is going to be teaching you about part of the group Interview. The group interview may sound very appealing to some, but it is a game changer for any business owner. If you spent 10+ hours in one week trying to find one person or multiple people to feel different spots in her company, the group interview will be your freedom. You will be learning how to look at a lot of people in a short amount of time. This will help free up your time so that you’re able to make more money for your company while also making sure that your team is doing what they need to do.

Clay Staires is going to be teaching at the Tulsa management training on how to run the group interview. You will put an ad out on some type of medium whether that is indeed, LinkedIn, or zip recruiter. Then he will invite these people to come and attend your interview. And when you invite them you’ll be instructing them to come dress to impress and bring something. This me their resume can be a red Apple or it can be something like a broom. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as they bring something. Because the whole goal is to see if they are able to follow directions.

Learn more about the group interview whenever you come out for the training. You’ll be able to come to the training and learn more how to be efficient Within your company and with your life as a business owner. Do not delay on signing up or checking this out, you can go online to www.ClayStaires.com or you can call 918780852. Clay Staires or one of the leader ship initiative team members will be ready and waiting to answer your phone call so they can help assist you and answer any questions that you may have about the training that they will be hosting.

Tulsa Management Training | Subtle Employees

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Have you ever had that one employee who tries to hide everything that they do? Clay Staires is going to be teaching on how to hire great employees that are not settle and lamb, but that our power packed and full of energy. This is going to be a very fun because Clay Staires is very entertaining when it comes to public speaking and he knows how to get his point across in a very simple and easy tangible way for people to comprehend it. You can learn more about this training by going to www.claystaires.com or you can also call Clay’s team at the leader ship initiative by dialing 918-798-0852.

Getting the right team members on your team is necessary for your team to thrive. This also comes with the task of needing to find new or better people. To do this, many people do many different types of interviews throughout months and months and waiting for those right people to come through after spending hundreds of hours on interviews of people that don’t even show up. That’s the sounds coming to you, the Tulsa management training is going to be very helpful for you. Clay Staires is going to be teaching on the power of the group interview and how this will help you find great people in a shorter amount of time.

If you’ve never done a group interview before, this could be a wild idea. We absolutely understand this, but we also know is that if you’re tired of dealing with lamb employees who are settling down, then you’re definitely going to want to attend the Tulsa management training do you get the secret sauce or the tools I need to bake success. Think about your team right now, and those one or two, or maybe 10 people, that you would want to let go and replace. The part of the group interviews that you always keep doing it never stop so that if one of your employees gets weird you always have someone to replace him with.

This is a very freeing concept and tool, if you well, that will help you as a business owner not be held hostage by your employees. Regardless if you have a stellar employee who All of a sudden gets weird or if you just have bad employees, this is going to be great. Think about the people that you want to change out, and other that you changing them out you won’t have to spend hours upon hours to look at people, but you’ll be able to do it one hour a week where are you have multiple people at one time show up and you’ll be able to know if you want to hire them with an instant of them walking through the door.

Clay Staires is very funny when it comes to teaching, and he was really good when it comes to talking about employees that he does not like him. Thereof been too many to count. Attend the Tulsa management training with your team or your top manager to get all the chicken out of it. Go online to www.ClayStaires.COM or you are able to call his team at the leader ship initiative at 918-780852. Do not delay in calling and asking all the questions that you may have, because they will be ready and willing to help answer all the questions that you have and help you get signed up for the training.

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