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This content was written for the Leadership Initiative.

Keeping your employees organized with detailed to do lists will keep them on task for more hours of the day and give them a better understanding of the role that they play in your company success. If left on guided many employees like the vision necessary to understand the Bigger picture that you were trying to accomplish for your company. Seeking out Tulsa Management training will help you with finding more employees that are high-quality with the help of a process called the group interview. To learn more call Clay at 918-798-0852 or visit his website, www.claystaires.com.

With the concept of a group interview, it should be held every single week at the exact same time. This way you can invite every single applicant for your job to a group interview and you can easily filter out all of the terrible candidates in less than one minute rather than having to spend hours reading over resumes of terrible people and often what’s written on resumes is not true to begin with so there is no reason to believe what is written on the resumes that you read. After a group interview if you see a candidate that you like you should pull them aside and let them know that they have moved onto the next stage of your interview process. The next stage is just as important as the first and it is shadowing. During the shadowing process you should bring in the candidates that succeeded in your group interview stage and have them watch one of your entry-level employees do their job for a few hours. Have your employees make conversation with them and just describe the day-to-day tasks that they typically have to perform, you will learn in Tulsa Management Training.

Then as a business owner you should spend a short amount of time with the shadow to get a gauge for how you feel around them and if they are a good fit for your core values and your company. If after the shadow process conclude, do you feel like a candidate is a good fit for your company, you should invite them back for an intensive interview where you really sit down with them and try to figure out what they are about as a person and exactly what they could contribute to your company. In Tulsa management training with Clay Staires you will learn everything you need to know about the group interview process and how much time you can actually save and not waste by reading interviews in interviewing really terrible terrible terrible employees. By doing the two stages previous to the personal interview you can very quickly weed out all the candidates that would not be a good fit for your company without having to waste time. During this interview you should find out how well the prospective employee aligns with your core values. This will test the interviewee to see if they are capable of being the person that you are looking for and if they or someone that you would enjoy spending time with. Tulsa Management Training with Clay Staires mentions this heavily. Because in the end of the interview process you are really more interested in looking for high-quality people than high quality workers because you can train a high-quality person to be a high-quality worker but you might not be able to train a high-quality worker to be a high-quality person. Call Clay at 918-798-0852 or visit his website, www.claystaires.com.

Tulsa Management Training | Finding Employees

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

If you’re wanting to find good quality employees, then you were going to have to look at a lot of different candidates. As it also management training you will be able to learn how to best be able to go about being able to look at a lot of people in a short amount of time. You can go online to www.claystaires.com or you can call 918-798-0852 to learn more about this training or find out where the training will be held. This will be a vitally important training for those of you who are currently in need of employees or who seem to have a type of business where there is a lot of turnover.

Looking for employees can be a stressful event. If you do not know the best practice of how to go about finding good employees, then this can be an event for you. You are going to want to sign up for this training so that Clay In the leader ship initiative team will be best able to teach you on how to do their group interview system. This system allows you to be able to look at a lot of different candidates at one time. You will have people come to one location and you will do a first phase of your interview which is can they show up to the group interview, show up on time, dress to impress, and bring the resume. What you will find is that many people cannot do these simple things.

When people do not show up to the group interview, they have already just weeded themselves out of the interview process. These are going to be people that you don’t want to meet with. The purpose of the first phase of the interview is for you to be able to find out this one thing and if nobody shows up, then you are free to go at the allotted time. The next thing will be for you to do a shadow. If there are people from the group interview that you think are sharp and you think you would want to hire them, then you are going to want to bring them into the job for a couple of hours to see if you enjoy being around them.

Finally, you are going to do an Interview with the actual people you want to hire. From that point on you will now and save yourself hours of looking at 50 candidates and you could or did find one employee. That could’ve taken 100 hours if you weren’t you in the group interview. The tolls a management training is not only going to be teaching on how to save time finding employees but it will be teaching on other management ways to be more effective in your business. Make sure to sign up and get your seat so that you can learn more.

Go online to www.claystaires.com or call 918-798-0852. Clay Staires and the leader ship and the ship team will be very excited to host you at the Tulsa management training all you need to do is reserve your seat. When you go online and make sure to read and watch different reviews from people who have attended in the past. Don’t take our word for it, but let the other people speak on behalf of this training and tell you if you should attend or not. You’re a beautiful human and we would love to have you.

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