Tulsa Management Training | Rock Their Socks Off

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Having a killer sales presentation is so crucial to closing deals and push her company forward through the sales machine. If your presentation is just average, then your company will be average, according to the Tulsa management training. Do you want your company to be average? I hope not, because if you do then you are doing to live in the poverty mindset for the rest of your life. Everybody wants to excel so why not take the proof and steps to do so. If there have been people that I’ve gone in front of you and done the exact things that it takes to be successful and then come to tell you about it, why would you not be willing to do it? Call Clay Staires and his team at the leadership initiative at 918-798-0852 or go to his website www.claystaires.com to find out more about the training.

You would be incredibly surprised at how few people are exposed to life-changing information and do absolutely nothing with it. This is what business owners run into every day with their employees. But as a business consulting firm, the leadership initiative sees it all the time in business owners. Business owners are supposed to be the elite of the elite, but at times they are not. A lot of people just create jobs for themselves, that does not qualify as a business.

The business is something that works for you and generates revenue whether you were there or not. Not enough business owner sees it that way. They think that if they can find a way for them to work 40 hours a week and make enough money to support their family and they have created a business. But they have really just created a job. If you want to be a leg up on your competition, turn your business into an actual business and allow all of your competition to remain a bunch of companies that have generated a job for the owner.

In Tulsa Management Training with Clay Staires, you can learn so much about how to implement different systems and strategies that countless fortune 500 businesses have to use in their own businesses. The strategies will push your business ahead of all competition if you are willing to listen and do the things that were competition is not willing to do. This is how you rock their socks off.

Taking Tulsa management training will be the best decision that you have ever made for your business as Clay will teach you all the tools you need to succeed and create a machine that will generate revenue without you even being there. Many people are content with working 40 hours a week in their business and not doing anything to improve it but if you are willing to put in more effort in more hours then you will have yet another leg up on your competition. To know more about Clay Staires and his team at the leadership initiative go to www.claystaires.com or call 918-798-0852.

Tulsa Management Training | The Poverty Mindset

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

According to the research of the team at thrive and the leadership initiative, there are really only two mindsets in this world. The first one is the growth mindset you’ll learn at the Tulsa management training. These people are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve growth in areas of their life in which they desire growth. They are not limited by the constraints of suicidal opinion. They put their nose down and work as hard as they need to accomplish their goals. To find out more about his company, the leadership initiative, go to www.claystaires.com or give Clay a call at 918-798-0852.

This is the mindset that every entrepreneur should aspire to have but, in all reality, very few business owners tote this mentality. The majority of people, in general, have what the other mindset is: poverty mindset. Probably mindset is the constant pattern of doing things that keep you from excelling the average in any area. These ideas include only working 40 hours a week, never working Saturdays or Sundays, refusing to wake up before 7 AM, etc. in Tulsa management training Clay Staires will teach you how to develop a growth mindset and continue to pursue it as you push towards personal growth.

Probably mine separates the United States culture, but that does not mean that you have to accept it. You are perfectly capable of obtaining a growth mindset, but you have to have the right mentality. You have to approach life from a different perspective. there will be so many opportunities to stop or when you meet resistance you will look for excuses and places and people to assign blame to. That is a common theme among people that have the poverty mindset is they always assign blame to someone other than themselves for things that they were not able to accomplish.

If you blame your life on circumstance and refuse to take control of it then you will never have a growth mindset. You have to take one hundred percent accountability for everything that happens in your life and that is part of being proactive. Proactivity is a defining characteristic in people that have the growth mindset. These are the type of people that rise to the top of the ranks of whatever company they are involved in as well as those that are naturally liked by others. Some people are born with charm, but you can learn the soft skills needed to become an influencer at the highest level if you are willing to take on the growth mindset.

It’s very rare to find somebody that has this mindset in fact Clay Staires believes the only one in 10 people possess the growth mindset, but he is capable of coaching people up to that level of perspective. He’s incredibly respected among his peers and has become known as one of the best motivational speakers in the state of Oklahoma. Turn to Clay for all of your Tulsa management training needs. This training will teach any business owner how to become more proactive and develop a growth mindset so call Clay Staires at 918-798-0852. To get involved with Clay Staires and his team for Tulsa management training goes to www.claystaires.com to inquire.

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