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This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

If your projection pervades society today. Nearly everyone will choose to do nothing rather than take action if there is even the slightest possibility of being rejected. But rejection is just simply a part of life, so you need to get used to it quickly. Especially if you want to own a business and sell anything, you will be rejected countless times before you reach success. This is not to say that dealing with rejection is particularly easy, but the more that you expose yourself to rejection the easier it will get to deal with it. If you were in any need of business consulting or Tulsa management training you should call Clay Staires at 918-798-0852 or go to www.claystaires.com to learn more about his company, The Leadership Initiative.

This year projection can come from a lot of different places. It may have started in your childhood when you were terrified to ask out a pretty girl, or it may have expanded as an adult when you gave your very best effort at a job only to never receive a promotion. We can swim from a lot of different places and that fear can be changed into a motivating force. You have to allow the fear to push you toward success by realigning where that fear is placed.

Place your fear towards the fear of failure. If you were terrified of failure than you will do whatever it takes to succeed in this is a very common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs. In Tulsa management training you were here countless testimonials from entrepreneurs that hard to overcome their fear of rejection to succeed but the easiest way to do that is to allow that fear to motivate you toward success. Clay Staires knows all about fear in the management of it and will teach you everything he knows about it in Tulsa measuring training.

He’s an incredibly gifted speaker that has a quiet charisma that fills the room. He has been a motivational speaker for years, gaining his suave from 15 years as a teacher and track coach prior to pursuing a career in business. The take away from this should be that you have to allow your rejection to fuel your fire to achieve your goal. Your why has to be more important than your what. If you know exactly why you were doing the thing you were doing that it makes it much easier to deal with the rejection because you know that those reductions will lead to you accomplishing your goal if you are persistent enough. Stay on the course and continue to push through your fears and your frustrations from being rejected by countless customers only to reach a select audience that purchases your product.

This is the reason that developing sales conversion methods become more important so that you can avoid having to deal with rejection as frequently. If you are looking for the highest quality Tulsa management training that there is, call Clay Staires and his team at The Leadership Initiative to find out more about how you can get involved in their business consulting program. Go to www.claystaires.com or call 918780852 to educate yourself on that deal wonderful experience that Clay and his team provide.

Tulsa Management Training | Stats Don’t Lie

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

According to Forbes, eight out of 10 of businesses fail within the first 18 months. Fords also state that 90% of startups fail. This means the only one out of every 10 businesses is going to have the opportunity to survive for more than a year and a half and move onto the stage of business that we call the business model. If you want to be one of the lucky one out of 10 that get there you need to consider taking Tulsa management training with Clay Staires. Go to www.claystaires.com or call 918-798-0852 to find out about how you can get involved with Clay Staires and his team at The Leadership Initiative.

Many people that start businesses do not have the first clue about what it takes to actually bring business to profitability. Even Bill Gates said that everyone needs a coach. Bill Gates worked every single day in his entire 20s. He did not take a single day off, not a Saturday, not a Sunday, not a holiday, not a birthday, not a single day. And he needs a coach. If you think you’re better than Bill Gates, then you’re wrong. Statistics will show you that businesses are going to be several times more successful if the business owners educated into how to build a successful business model.

If you do not have this knowledge, then you have to acquire it from elsewhere. Clay Staires has that knowledge. You need to use him for all of your Tulsa management training needs. There are a lot of statistics out there about business, many of which I have never. But the stats that I have heard will make you realize how important having a coach is to your business. The knowledge that Clay has been able to acquire throughout his tenure and business is beyond comparison of the average business owner.

He has a background in education in which he was a teacher and track coach for 15 years in the state of Missouri. He then went on to run a Christian summer camp for several years before venturing into the world of business. During this time he was able to build all the soft skills that allow him to be a very effective emotional manager. Not as if he is emotional, he is incredibly good at managing the emotions of others. His emotional IQ is through the roof. Tulsa management training would not be the same without Clay Staires and The Leadership Initiative. Another statistic that is most likely made up but could possibly be real is it 75% of business owners that do not use Clay Staires are destined to fail in business.

I don’t have the exact math on that but it’s probably pretty close. He is able to offer them financial and time freedom on the highest level but in many businesses, owners are not willing to hear the hard things he has to say. Receiving a business is a very hard thing to do and if you are not willing to put in the extra hours and work diligently on building your brand and creating revenue then you will have a hard time succeeding as an entrepreneur. Clay Staires knows all the tools that you will need and teaches them in Tulsa management training. Call 918-798-0852 or go to www.claystaires.com to find out more about how to get involved with The Leadership Initiative, the premier business consulting firm in the Tulsa area.

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