Tulsa Management Training | The Rules You Never Break

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

One of the reasons people come to the leadership initiative for Tulsa management training is because all too often liters feel like they’ve made some sort of terrible mistake that is going to ruin their career. Step back for a moment a lot of what they feel like our terrible mistakes are in fact very minor when looking at the bigger picture. Nonetheless every manager position makes some of these mistakes are regular basis some of them less than others

One that often gets overlooked is that you should not be using email respond to urgent matters. Don’t be discouraged though if this accurately describes you or members of your team. That message might seem urgent at time, but it properly blocked out your scheduled to address matters like these it will not seem so overwhelming. Furthermore if it is truly urgent that is the times that away from the computer and go deal with it face-to-face otherwise you run the risk of miscommunication via text, which truths to be problematic when trying to resolve conflict.

Another unforgivable mistake is when a manager chooses not to stand up for their team. In every organization the management report to somebody above them, and ultimately those managers are responsible for their teams actions. If They choose to distance themselves from their team anytime conflict arises you’ll effectively alienate everyone. That’s why it’s important to attend Tulsa management training at the leadership initiative so that you can learn these skills as well as others do not be the guy throws their employees under the bus. Especially when you were ultimately responsible for their actions.

Everyone at your company or organization likes clear idea of what The day will look like throughout the week. But If management is constantly calling surprise meeting that will be possible. Choosing to do so well Bring morale down and probably make your team start to resent you. If something comes up in between your schedule meetings, added things to Address your next meeting. Holding an impromptu meeting and requiring attendance disrupts productivity. Think about all the issues that arise when you are randomly called in for mandatory jury duty. This is exactly how your employees feel every single time you schedule last minutes meeting.

Every organization and company goes through change to adapt and deal with issues as they arise. As a Manager it is important to adapt to the change or you will inevitably bring your team down with you. The Tulsa management training you will receive at The Leadership Initiative will teach you that as a leader you need to be the driving force for change in your company. Taking a backseat or running away from change Will prove to be problematic. Give play stairs a call today at 918-798-0852. You should also check out his website www.claystaires.com. There you will learn important steps that you can take to avoid making any of these Unforgivable mistakes.

Tulsa Management Training | Hail Caesar

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Although he may not mind when thinking about Tulsa Management training, Julius Caesar was one of the greatest leaders in history. Caesar was successful because strategize I Was able to still personal leadership lessons into his military, and you knew how to effectively communicate the vision that he had for his army. His troops respected and trusted him just like every leader wants from their employees. If you would like to be educated on how to gain the trust of your employees you should give Clay stares a call at 918-798-0852 or visit him online at www.claystairs.com.

Julius Caesar made a personal connection with one of His soldiers, knowing them All by name. Sure this may not see a big deal if are you thinking about the team you lead at your company. It’s easy to remember the names of a dozen or so, but it is truly impressive when somebody takes a time to learn the names of thousands. It’s that kind of dedication that every great leader needs to identify and relate to their team. If you have the mindset you can just sit up on your high horse and dictate orders down to the interiors beneath you– you will fail to motivate them to do anything but hate you.

Just so happen that Caesar was also a master communicating. The very important trait for any leader and one that you were probably still working on. The Tulsa management training program available at the leadership initiative takes lessons for leaders great passes them onto you to learn how to communicate effectively. It might even be considered one of the most important lessons you’ll take away from this educational experience. You desire to be a great leader that means that you will care about learning how to be the best communicator possible.

Beyond making a personal connection with your employees and being a great communicator, it is important that you learn the value of sharing information with your employees. Julius Caesar didn’t outstanding job of making sure that everyone on the battlefield, every single one of his soldiers had as much information about the battle plan as he did. As a leader at your company you have to take to heart how crucial it is to share as much information as possible with those in your care. Withholding information at keeping secrets Will ultimately create a lack of trust.

Even though we aren’t living in the Roman times anymore however there’re still plenty of lessons that we can learn from this military leader. He’s just one of the many people in a position of power that clay stairs takes lessons from in his Tulsa management training program at the leadership initiative. Everyone in your organization will benefit from attending one of his classes. Give him a call today at 918-798-0852 schedule free consultation. Should also take a moment to stop by his website today at www.claystaires.com

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