Tulsa Management Training | Sleeping is For Sheep

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

What time do you normally wake up in the morning? Did you know that 80% of billionaires wake up before 5 AM? This means that they are working while the world is sleeping. The reason for this is that they have a few hours of productive time to prepare for their day and get organized and plan out all the action stuff that they need to accomplish in their day before everyone else is even awake. Imagine how much this could do for your business if you were to wake up early. But this also means that you need to go to sleep or everyone else does in order to be well rested and have a sound mind for all the daily stressors of your business. Clay talks a lot about the importance of waking up early in his Tulsa management training sessions.
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When you wake up before 5 AM you can do several things before everyone else is awake. You can make a calendar for the day with specific time slots for every activity that you know you have to accomplish. This way you have a constant reminder of what needs to get accomplished and you don’t get caught up in the rush of the day and forget to do certain things. This will allow you to stay on task throughout the day and possibly even finish those tasks early by always having something to do. Clay talks intensely about this in his Tulsa Management Training. Having a to-do list and a calendar is absolutely essential to becoming more successful than the people around you. Clay has never met a person that is a millionaire or billionaire that does not keep a daily calendar and to do list. The brain has so many things and pieces of information that cloud it and prevent it from making good decisions or remembering important things. To combat that, you should write things down instead of trying to memorize them in your brain. The pen is for remembering the brain is for decision-making, just ask Clay about his Tulsa Management Training.

There are only so many important decisions that a person can make in a day before their brain loses its efficiency in doing so. To prevent this from happening just try to remember if you were things and write them down instead of forcing yourself to memorize important pieces of information. It’s ironic that our education system focuses on memorization as a primary tool for success in school. Because if your brain spends all it’s energy memorizing things there are very little units of energy left to make important decisions. Just pleasing to the concept that the American education system does not promote success in business. Clay Staires he will make sure that you understand all the little details that it takes to become a successful business owner.

The Leadership Initiative team led by Clay Staires is the very best when it comes to it also management training. They meet with their clients once per week for an hour and give them daily action items to ensure that they are doing whatever they can to push their business forward. To learn more about what they have to offer for your business and how they can help your business grow as well as teach you how to be a better manager of all the trivial tasks of owning a business, you should go to www.claystaires.com or give Clay a call at 918-798-0852.

Tulsa Management Training | Sales Machines

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

If you have ever questioned what it is that pushes sales forward, Clay Staires might have the answer. His theory is that sales should be constructed as a machine. This machine involves a detailed script in which Paul salesman have to read from every single sale call they make and record when a customer loses interest. This allows you to know exactly where customers become disengaged and tweak the script so that you can continue to push up your percentages. Sales is definitely a numbers game and are pushed forward by the number of calls. Tulsa Management Training with Clay Staires will teach you all about this nuance.

No matter how good your script is you cannot possibly sell to every single person that you called. Give me thing you can do is make your script as efficient as possible so that you can close with the highest number of calls possible. A good number to shoot for really depends on what type of business you’re in. But having a detailed script that is constantly monitored and updated will allow you to push those numbers up with each passing month in each call. It is also important to train your employees on how to make calls in the correct tone in pacing each week so that they know what is expected out of your script and you can also improve the reliability of your number. Clay talked all about these things in his Tulsa management training sessions that you can learn more about at www.claystaires.com or just call him at 918-798-0852.

The concept of the sales machine is that no matter how many calls you make it they will always turn over a certain percentage of those calls into a sale. So, if your machine has a 10% success rate than one out of every 10 people that you call will make a purchase. So, it is important to view sales as more of a sorting process than a sales process. Using a script creates continuity and consistency in your sales process so that it is easier to measure what your team is really doing well or could improve.

Turning sales into a numbers game he’s going to provide you with a lot more success because no matter what you do or how convincing your salespeople are there will always be people say no but you need to be able to measure at what rate they say no and what causes them to say no and if you cannot do that then you will never be able to improve your sales without spending more money. Using Clay Staires and his team for Tulsa management training can benefit any business that is looking to grow. The Leadership Initiative is committed to every single one of their clients and pushing those businesses as far forward as they are capable of. To hear what Clay and his team have been able to do for real clients, go to his website www.claystaires.com and view the video testimonials left by clients that have benefited from Clay services. If you don’t believe these testimonials, then you can call Clay yourself at 918-798-0852.

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