Results Driven Tulsa Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Let’s be honest, there are tons and tons of speakers to choose from out there. After sifting through every option it’s very rare to find a Results Driven Tulsa Motivational Speaker. In fact it’s so rare that you often hear the horror stories of people taking a large budget and even more time to bring in a speaker and it was like a fire cracker. It launched, went in the air and blew up and you never saw, heard or thought about it again. Clay Staires’ driving factor behind being a speaker is that he is results driven. Testimony after testimony relay that Clay is one of the most practical and “rubber meets the road” speakers you will ever hear. You can cut right to the chase and hire the right man for the job for your next speaking event by calling the Leadership Initiative at 918-798-0852.

Clay specializes in helping others process their struggles. He is able to do this because he himself has his own story of overcoming and processing the struggles of his of his young life. He has had over 30 years of Leadership experience and he tells the story of how early on it was actually detrimental in some areas of his life. Over 10 years ago Clay discovered what it meant to be a healthy leader and found that his process also would be many other people’s process as well that they need to go through. This is Clay’s passions traveling around the country, speaking to audiences small and large about creating change in your life for the better.

Clay knew that he was to going to be speaking, the only way to do that justifiably, was to be a results driven Tulsa motivational speaker. Clay’s true passions is helping you get unstuck and grow into your future. Clay could truly “bring the boom” to your audience and that is that the the energetic style is refreshing and engaging to your audience. But the key in all of is that Clay remains results driven. Contact The Leadership Initiative today to ask how Clay can deliver major results to your next event you can reach us at 9187980852.

Since starting in the speaking business he has quite the reputation as a results driven Tulsa motivational speaker. He is the founder of the Leadership Initiative and is one of “Who’s, Who” among American teachers and even teacher of the year. He has impacted such a vast amount of people that he’s even been named chamber citizen of the year to his hometown. All of this coupled with over 10 years of executive experience, helping others grow their businesses and lives it makes perfect sense why you would bring Clay into your next event to bring amazing results.

If you are not already picking up the phone and dialing the leadership initiative, what are you waiting for? You simply cannot wait to hear what Clay is going to speak at your next event. For a Results Driven Tulsa Motivational Speaker contact the leadership initiative today and get your money back if you are not completely satisfied you can contact Clay at 9187980852.
High Impact Tulsa Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

The time is now to hire your high impact Tulsa motivational speaker for your next event. Clay Staires will truly come and bring the boom for your event and cause your people to be changed from the inside out. It is true that there are many speakers out there that can talk about many great things and do many great things but having Clay Staires is a feat of its own at your event because of the high energy and passion he brings to your individual business. It is imperative that you contact the leadership initiative to seek out this high impact motivational speaker for yourself at 9187980852.

Clay Staires has over 25 years of leadership development experience and has all types of testimonies to prove this experience. If you were to choose between someone who is experienced and not experienced to come speak at your event, chances are you going to take the experienced person and that’s why you should hire Clay Staires, not only because of the experience but also because of his amazing personality and his true concerning care for your business and organization. Coupled with his high-impact approach there truly is not another high impact Tulsa Motivational Speaker that can compare to Clay Staires

Energy is Clay’s specialty and speaking and engaging audiences is his forte. He will not disappoint when coming to speak for your event but in actuality he will come and bring the boom and leave your people saying “That was the most energetic and engaging speaker that I’ve ever heard.” You will look like a rock star for knowing Clay Staires and bringing him into your organization to speak. His high-energy style is only a byproduct of the confidence that he has in changing people’s lives. Call The Leadership Initiative today at 9187980852, and be sure to ask about Clay’s money back guarantee of being completely satisfied with your event or he will give you your money back.

If you are not reaching for the phone right now to call Clay stairs at The Leadership Initiative, I would urge your to skip all the Google searches all of the investigation the types of motivational speakers you can bring to your event and do yourself a favor and get your biggest bank for the buck and call Clay Staires at the leadership initiative for a High Impact Tulsa Motivational Speaker. The leadership initiative is standing by waiting her call at 918-798-0852.

Clay Staires