Amazing Tulsa Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

If you are looking for an Amazing Tulsa motivational Speaker, then Clay Staires is the exact person that you need. Clay Staires is known as “Americas millionaire schoolteacher” and has raving reviews of how he can take an event and make it an absolute success. Clay Staires has been in the business of growth for over 30 years he is ready to come to your event and grow your audience’s capacity to learn grow and achieve in their lives and businesses. Call the leadership initiative today to speak to Clay Staires and to book him for your next event 918-798-0852.

No doubt if you are looking for a Tulsa Motivational Speaker you have felt the stress of finding the right person for your event. Clay specializes in taking the stress away from event planners and making them feel 100% comfortable and even confident that the event that they’re planning is going to be a success in the area of the speaker. Clay has had raving reviews about his speaking and life coaching such as “Now I see why I do the things I do and it’s changing my life” quote I completely feel I am growing I think the biggest area you are helping with his helping me with my connection to life and I’m seeing hope in that area in my life for the first time in a long time” these are just two examples of the brilliant way that Clay speaks and motivates and inspires not only individual people but an audience of members ready to learn grow.

The Leadership Initiative proudly presents Clay Staires as a flagship speaker author life coach and mentor his book grow is very popular with audiences that he speaks to and the popularity of the book is a testimony to how much people buy into the things he says that he speaks people literally rush to the back table to purchase his book because they’ve been so motivated and inspired by what he said. By now you should be feeling pretty inspired yourself to contact Clay Staires at the Leadership Initiative. when you call be sure to ask about Clay’s special offer, and that is if you’re not completely satisfied Clay he will give you your money back. That is a deal that you will not be able to find in today’s market, contact The Leadership Initiative today at 918-798-0852

Clay Staires has been a schoolteacher for 25 years and was elected teacher of the year coach of the year and even sky took chamber citizen of the year. Clay has 10 years of executive experience and is the founder of the Leadership Initiative and co-founder of Thrive15. His wide array of experience business skill makes him a lock for being able to grow your business he truly is an amazing Tulsa Motivational Speaker.

By now this may sound too good to be true but it is not Clay Staires is truly at the top of the game when it comes to motivational speakers and business coaches he is a sure fit for your next event call today the leadership initiative at 918-798-0852 we look forward to your call.
Professional Tulsa motivational speaker

This content was written for the leadership initiative

If you are looking for professional Tulsa speaker you should look no further because Clay stairs is the man for the job. He is going to assure that your next event is a success you will be a rock star in the eyes of your colleagues.
There are speakers who are decent good and even successful, however Clay Staires is on a whole another level. Bringing you the exact content, skill, energy and motivation that the attendees of your event needs, he is the total package and lacks nothing and what you desire for your next event.
Call The Leadership Initiative today to book Clay for your event ask about his guarantee that you are not completely satisfied he will get you your money.

The professionalism of Clay as a motivational speaker is outstanding. Clay is the founder of The Leadership Initiative and has spent 25 years of leadership development Clay was the three-time Missouri state coach of the year and has over 10 years of executive experience he partnered with David Robinson and created an edutainment website called drive
he has the skill the mindset and energy to provide you with what you need is your next event. One of the greatest compliments we hear from event planners is how Clay always is very attentive to the specific needs of an event planner and their event thus taking away the stress of hiring the right speaker.

Once you speak with Clay, you’ll understand that you are speaking to your next event speaker not only because of his professionalism but also because of his charisma and deep hearted care for your specific needs. By now you’re probably starting to believe that Clay is the man for the job you should call the leadership initiative today ask how Clay can be the exceptional speaker of your wildest dreams. You can reach the leadership initiative at 918-798-0852

Clay brings several things to the table specifically in content to your event he can help you identify the 3 to 5 activities that truly your passions he can make you feel like you are doing what you are made to do. He can help with the frustration of being angry and frustrated and overwhelmed by circumstances and responsibilities. This and many more things are what makes Clay stare so remarkable and special event speaker.

For the perfect professional Tulsa Motivational Speaker the shore and right pick is Clay stairs he will not disappoint in fact he will over deliver on everything that you desire for your next event. The leadership initiative standing by to take your call to higher this professional speaker Clay Staires America’s billionaire schoolteacher.

Clay Staires