High Energy Tulsa Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

If you are searching for someone who is a high energy Tulsa Motivational Speaker to hire for your next event in Tulsa, then want to stop right now and call The Leadership Initiative to save the date for Clay Staires. Because he is a speaker that delivers results, every time he speaks he gets booked pretty far in advance; so call now and reserve your date with Clay. It’s extremely easy to get caught up into the trap of settling for the first speaker that may or may not fit the bill. With Clay there is a 100% money back guarantee which make him a lock for your next event. Find out more details about Clay Staires’ speaking at 918-798-0852, The Leadership Initiative Is standing by awaiting your call.
In January 2012 The Leadership initiative was founded by Clay Staires. His intent was to bring average leaders to a place of holding resources so valuable that they would help to navigate growing in leadership mindsets and offer a crutch for enduring pressure that we all know comes with growing or starting a business. The Initiative’s Clay Staires is available nationally to a broad selection of audiences, business owners, entrepreneurs and many more genres of vocation and learners. Call today to experience the absolute greatness that Clay Staires can bring to your next event!
Clay Staires has worked with thousands of people and developed a prestigious and highly effective leadership training for classrooms, small businesses and even nonprofit organizations for over 25 years. Clay’s breakthrough in Leadership had such on an entire community, that Clay was named Citizen of the Year in his home town. To have this leadership juggernaut & High Energy Tulsa Motivational Speaker come and speak for you, contact The Leadership Initiative and ask about his money back guarantee and specific details of how Clay is going to add a unique touch to your event. Contact us at 918-798-0852.
Since the induction of The Leadership Initiative, Clay Staires has caused some of the top leaders In the industry to give him accolades and testimony of his program. These Leaders include, Clay Clark, David Robinson, Arthur Greeno & Lee Cockerel. A few of the presentations that Clay has had great success with in the past are on: Executive Leadership, HR fundamentals, Servant Leadership, Personal Development and of course much more. It should be apparent to you by now that Clay will be able to bring the talk that you and your audience needs.
The Leadership Initiative is eagerly awaiting your call now to book your High Energy Tulsa Motivational Speaker that does not disappoint. We and Clay himself are looking forward to speaking with you. Hurry, don’t delay any longer, and call now it’s very important that you get pre-booked so the chances will be much greater that your event date is not booked up already. TLI can be reached at 918-798-0852.


Life Changing Tulsa Motivational Speaker

This content was written for The Leadership Initiative.

Does your next event call for something a little more than just a speaker that comes, presents, collects and check and leaves? You need a Life changing motivational speaker. And because of the experience that Clay has in the industry both personally and business wise, he is the sure pick, with his 100% percent money back guarantee, he will not disappoint. Call the leadership initiative today at 918-798-0852, and ask how Clay stairs can make your event remarkable!
Clay has been the leadership field for over 25 year, developing practical skills training and life lessons that can be taught and applied to everyone in your audience. There is a difference between a good speaker and a Life Changing Tulsa Motivational Speaker, that difference is Clay Staires. Being invited all across the nation every year speak at businesses entrepreneur events nonprofits in the nation’s finest universities Clay stairs has the experience to bring change that you are looking for in your attendee’s.
The leadership initiative is standing by now to save the date for your event. When you find a speaker such as Clay is not a wise thing to wait, it is possible that the dates that you want for your event are already booked up, this is why it is so apparent to call as soon as you can and booked that day in advance. Clay stairs is amazing talented energetic and brings humor that connects with your audience. Testimony after testimony relate Clay stairs is a perfect 10 out of 10 when it comes to delivering the results that you want your speaking event.
If you truly are looking for life-changing Tulsa motivational speaker than you have found the right man for the job. Clay has personally mentor and coached hundreds and hundreds of individuals in his methodology of leadership, life philosophy and business development. It is a guarantee that everyone and your audience will have something that Clay Staires will be speaking on. Buckle up your harness because Clay stairs is bringing the boom to your next event all you have to do is call the leadership initiative now 918-798-0852.
Standing by now are representatives of the leadership initiative ready and willing to assist you with every variable and seeing that your speaker for your next event is a perfect hire. Call the leadership initiative now to speak to Clay stairs find out how he will completely change the lives of all those that attend your event, we can be reached at 918-798-0852.

Clay Staires