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There are Four Primary Mindsets that go on in the Workplace each day.  These mindsets will determine how each person in your company will approach and accomplish their work every day.  These mindsets will determine how effective your managers and leaders are.  As a leader that is interested in Growing Their Team, it is imperative to understand these mindsets and how to help your employees expand the way they think as they are promoted into positions with greater responsibilities.   To remain unaware of how your managers and leaders THINK is to set yourself up for frustration and overwork.

We have been training champion teams and award-winning team leaders for the past 25 years.  We’ve identified these four mindsets and created training tools to help you, as a company leader/manager, engage with your employees through personal development and leadership development paths.

We have created the Winning In The Workplace Training Series to equip your managers and leaders with the training tools necessary to overcome the daily obstacles that create bottlenecks and logjams in your company.

We had our first annual retreat last weekend. We met at the lake and stayed overnight. Getting out of the work environment to meet about what the business needs to do to grow is invaluable. The team being able to unwind and enjoy each other was wonderful. We should do this on a quarterly basis. The Mastering The Meeting System Works!Kyle Tate, Owner, Insight Eye Care


Winning In The Workplace Training Series Introduction

Worker Level Training Sample

Team Builder Level Training Sample

Running An Effective Workshop

Workshopping means that instead of you talking and your staff listening, all of you get to work together on a problem, developing the ideas and insights to propel your company forward. Workshops help your employees bond together as a team. They will help you unite employees and create a more powerful vision at every level of your company. Even more important, workshops help you produce synergy in your organization. You will find that the ideas you generate as a group will be light-years ahead of what any one of you would have created on your own. Finally, workshops give you a rare opportunity to influence attitudes, ideas and the direction of your company.*

Clay Staires is an expert at leading outstanding workshops that focus on identifying long-standing problems in your existing work culture, understanding how those problems are affecting the bottom line of your company, strategically implementing the necessary steps to eliminate the problems, instituting company policies that ensure the problem doesn’t resurrect itself.

Wow! ONLY 10% of the population has specific, well-defined goals, but even then, seven out of the ten of those people reach their goals ONLY half the time.

The top 3%, however, achieved their goals 89 % of the time. Amazing! It looks like we all need some help GROWING AND ACHIEVING OUR GOALS!

Sample Workshops To Maximize Your Company Culture

  • Creating Your Unique Customer Service Identity
  • Creating a Remarkable Experience for ever customer
  • Winning the heart of the “Mommy”!
  • Creating Systems that reduce stress and wasted time during your day

Included With Each Workshop

  • Uniquely tailored to your needs.
  • Video Recording for future employees
  • Notes and Outcomes
  • Reproducible Policies For Your Training Manual

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