“Must Read” Books

How you THINK is the most important thing about you. Your THOUGHTS determine your ACTIONS and your actions determine your RESULTS. If you want to see different results you have to begin thinking different thoughts! Personal development is a constant mixture of Education, Experience and Evaluation.

These three factors will determine your growth rate.
Many people are always asking me “What books should I read to help me grow?” Whether it be personal or professional growth, the following 5 books are a must read to help shape the way you think.

1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
2. How Did You Do It, Truett? by S. Truett Cathy
3. The Ultimate Sales Machine by Chet Holmes
4. The Training Of The Twelve by A.B. Bruce
5. Developing The Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell

These books have influenced my thinking in a powerful way. I’m sure, if you look closely at all I do, you’ll find their influence.

Clay Staires