The Navigating Wheel Of Change


The Navigating Wheel Of Change

Have you ever felt like your “plate” was OVER FULL in life and you just didn’t know where you would find the time, space or resources to add more to your life leaving you “overloaded, overwhelmed and overstressed”?

Have you ever said, “I’ll get to that when I have more time and there’s not so much on my plate”? Yip, how’s that working for ya’?

Have you ever felt like your life was out of balance because you were doing so many things for other people but had no time, money or space to spend on yourself?

I hear these comments constantly from people all across the United States and in South Africa (because I know some people there too!) as I talk with people about “How’s Your Life Going”. Each of these phrases reveal a limited capacity to process all the events, relationships and hardships that go on in each of our lives. “Ah! It’s just too much! I need a vacation!” But the vacation only creates a bigger problem because when I get back I have a ton of stuff that has piled up!! It’s a trap!

The Navigating Wheel Of Change

Can you imagine having the mental and emotional capacity to add even more to your plate without feeling overwhelmed?

Can you imagine having a plate filled with the things that you are extremely effective and productive at so More Things = More Production (rather than more busy-ness)?

Can you imagine being invited to add more to your plate and being able to decide in an instant whether you should do it or not AND BEING COMFORTABLE AND CONFIDENT IN SAYING, “NO”?

I remember dreaming about this. I also remember feeling like it was always just out of my reach. But the truth is – all of this is very possible and it’s even in THE PLAN for your life. It’s also true that it’s obtainable in a short amount of time if you’re willing to embrace the process of maximum growth.

The Navigating Wheel Of Change

Over the past 20 years, I have walked hundreds of people through this proven process and helped them breakthrough the barriers that have held them back from growing and experience more freedom in their life – I’VE HELPED PEOPLE GET A BIGGER PLATE!

It took me 13 YEARS to navigate through all the crap in my life to get to a place where I felt free from all the stuff that was holding me back.

But I’ve taken those 13 years and compiled them into a STEP BY STEP ROAD MAP THAT USUALLY TAKES YOU ONLY 4 MONTHS!!

It usually takes about 4 months (120 days) to Get To and Break Through your barriers! I guarantee the results because I’ve seen it work with hundreds of others just like you and I. I promise you will be amazed at what the world looks like when you have A BIGGER PLATE!

So, Click on The Navigating Wheel Of Change to discover where we need to begin EXPANDING YOUR PLATE!

Clay Staires