8 Steps To Chick-fil-A

All companies start out with a great idea for a product. However, great companies develop great company cultures that enhance and deliver their product. Chick-fil-A sells chicken sandwiches. QuikTrip sells gas. Starbucks sells coffee. Best Buy sells electronic equipment. So, what’s the big deal? Why do I pass by three gas stations to get to a QuikTrip? Why do we pay $5 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks? It’s their COMPANY CULTURE! We, as customers, are drawn to their culture.

Whether your a small business, big business, church or non-profit YOUR COMPANY CULTURE IS YOUR IDENTITY!

“Culture is one of the most precious things a company has… So you must work harder on it than anything else.” Herb Kelleher – Founder of Southwest Airlines

“(Culture is) one of the most important drivers that has to be set or adjusted to push long-term, sustainable success. It’s not good enough just to have an amazing product and a healthy bank balance. Long-term success is dependent on a culture that is nurtured and alive.” Shawn Parr, CEO of Bulldog Drummond

The Leadership Initiative has a well documented history of success in helping organizations create, nurture and maintain a successful culture. Many struggling small businesses, ministries and non profits have greatly benefited from The 8 Steps To Chick-fil-A.

“Clay has provided me and my team with proven resources and strategies that will help us to better manage our time and our productivity. Developing a healthy culture and environment doesn’t just happen on its own, it happens with Clay Staires Leadership Initiative.” Candace Johnson, Children’s Ministry Director, Discover Bible Fellowship

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