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Tulsa Management Training | Greater Than the Wizard of Oz
This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

If you want to work with a man who is greater than the wizard of Oz choose Clay Staires. He is a wizard when it comes to Tulsa management training. Why would you need coaching and training? The answer is simple. Most businesses do not last. Why? Because a majority of business owners cannot seem to manage the business. That is where Clay comes in. Let Clay show you the best path to running a successful business. Follow Clay along the yellow brick road. His proven path will lead to long term success not just for a couple of months but for years. Your business will become a well-oiled machine which means you will not have to be putting in 40+ hours in the business but rather you will be able to work on your business. Just do it!

What do you say? Call Clay at 918-798-0852 or go online to view his website www.theleadershipinitiative.com. There is a boatload of testimonials for you to watch from past and present clients who have seen real change in their lives and their business. You can also type Clay Staires into your Google search engine and view his Google business page that has over two hundred reviews. He comes highly recommended! Clay has been working with many business owners over the past five years and he has been able to help them not only increase their sales but help them manage their time so they can spend less and less time putting out fires. He does not matter how long you have owned your business. Everyone needs a business coach. Call today for some much needed Tulsa management training from Tulsa business coach Clay Staires.

With Clay’s Tulsa management training he can help you gain more control over your time, your employees and your revenues as well. He works with business owners all over the country. No matter where you are on the map Clay can be the coach for you. He is greater than the wizard of oz. Almost one hundred percent of the clients that Clay works with at the beginning are putting in a ton of hours. After working with Clay and using his Tulsa management training they have found that their lives are less hectic than before Clay. Call 918-798-0852 to set up a free thirty minute consultation to hear more of what Clay has to say.

Many of the business leaders that Clay has helped will call because they have no time, they feel overwhelmed by the daily management, they struggle finding new business or they are frustrated with finding and keeping good workers who fit their core values. If any of this sounds familiar go online to schedule a time to talk with Clay. What do you have to lose? Clay helps business leaders create a business that meets their goals of having more freedom and flexibility. What are you waiting for? Tulsa management training is just a phone call away!

Tulsa Management Training | Better Than You Could Hope For
This content was written for The Leadership Initiative

Clay Staires and his Tulsa management training is better than you could hope for. He gives business leaders and entrepreneurs more time and more freedom to live their best lives and be their best selves. Do not waste time going in circles and pulling your trying to find a solution to your business problems. You as the business owner cannot do it all by yourself. Clay wants to help free you of the heavy burden of management by giving you the systems and processes to make your life easier. Go to his website www.claystaires.com or call the phone number 918-798-0852 for more information plus a free thirty minute consultation with Clay. It is only thirty minutes of your time so take time to make time for a quick and free phone call with Clay. You have nothing to lose. Just do it!

We have been working with many businesses and entrepreneurs for over five years now and we have been able to help with owners create business that meets their goals. Tulsa management training with Clay Staires is the best program there is. It is as simple as that. Look up Clay on Google and you will see over two hundred reviews of happy and satisfied business owners who have worked Clay Staires. Tulsa management training with Clay Staires will be the best decision you ever make. Free yourself from the management web and become free to be the business owner you want to be. Clay uses a proven system that he designed himself that allows owners to go from successful to systematic and freak out to freedom. He calls it the Staires steps to freedom and it has worked for plumbers. Heat and air, homebuilders, bookkeepers, attorneys, roofers, painter, landscapers, dance studio and carpet cleaners just to name a few.

Clay’s Tulsa management training allow business owners to stop working in their businesses so much and actually allows them to work on their business without having to worry about the day to day management. If you are tired of putting out fires call Clay at 918-798-0852. Mr. Staires would like to set up a short thirty minute phone call with you to talk about how his Tulsa management training can help you and your business have more control of your time as a leader, help increase your profits, and help build a team of A players that allows you to spend less and less time putting out fires every day. For more information about Clay check out his website www.claystaires.com, his YouTube channel and his Google business page. They are all great ways to research him if you are still a little hesitant. Clay Staires is better than you could hope for.
Clay has years of experience in training, coaching and teaching. Give him a chance to prove himself. It will be worth your time to hear what he has to say.

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