5 Things To Consider When Making Any Decision About Your Future!

Making big decisions about your future can be extremely stressful. There can be so many unknowns that cause us to become a “deer in the headlights” and feel paralyzed by the pressure. Some people refer to the ol’ “pro’s and con’s list”. Not a bad idea, but also not always real reliable.

The next time you have a big decision to make about a specific direction in your future, consider these 5 things…

1. What “skills” will this decision help me develop and how will I make sure that happens?

You will have to be deliberate with this. It won’t just happen. It’s so important that you continue to add to your skill set both hard and soft skills. Acquiring and ever-growing set of skills is what prepares you for the “next” thing. Whether it’s a new job opportunity, relocating your family, deciding on a major in college, or even developing a relationship with another person, I guarantee there will be a range of opportunities for you to acquire specific skills that will be useful to you as you continue along your life path. Take a moment and consider what these new skills may be. Either the hard, technical skills and knowledge that help you do more things more efficiently or the soft, people skills that help you solve problems, communicate and lead others well. A person that is serious about personal growth will always consider how their environment is set up to help them grow.

2. How will this decision get me with people and situations that will be able to help me move into my future and what I want to do?

Before you judge this one too quickly, I’m not talking about manipulating your way into a particular social group here. This consideration is simply in place to cause you to think about the types of people a particular decision will give you access to. It’s not about “good people vs. bad people”. This is about positioning yourself in the company of others that help you move forward and obtain the goals you have set out for yourself. “You will become like the company you keep.” How will a particular decision “position” you to be successful in your future with what you intend to do?

3. Will this decision improve my ability to make money, or have the opportunity to make money (or save enough money by not having to spend) to cover all my needed expenses?

Yes, this is important to consider! How will this decision impact you financially? But it’s not just about taking a job that pays more money. This is about making decisions that help you expand your net worth. So many people get stuck in thinking in terms of a monthly paycheck. This can be very dangerous. No, this also includes how this decision will help you learn to save, invest, give, and spend your money wisely. Your “pay” isn’t just in your paycheck!

4. Will this decision put me in close contact with resources and a mentor to help in my personal development?

You’ll want to be very deliberate about this one. In a world that’s increasingly isolated you want to be careful to consider how your decisions are going to impact your personal development. Will this decision increase your access to development resources or will this decision move you more toward isolation? Most people live each day with a sense of desperation because they feel stuck and out of control. This pressure comes from the lack of personal development. Either people don’t have it, or they aren’t aware of it, or they just aren’t taking advantage of it and as a result, they feel helpless to bring change. Your decisions about your future need to include the presence of “growth tools” or else you can easily find yourself getting stuck!


5. How will this decision put me in a position to serve others?

Contrary to what we really want to think, servant hood is not natural for human nature! It can be learned, for sure, but it takes a deliberate, intensive and daily decision with a lot of help along the way. How does a particular decision you’re considering position you to serve others? Serving others is one of the very best ways for you to maintain perspective on how life works in the bigger picture. Without this perspective, we quickly become inward thinkers and begin protecting, isolating and blaming. If you want to be great, learn to serve others!

So, these are 5 considerations for you the next time you have a big decision to make about your future. These perspectives will help you think more in the big picture and help you avoid making a decision that only relieves immediate pressures in your life. That’s a tough way to live.

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Clay Staires