What Are The Tools You Need To Position Yourself For Wealth?

This articles was written by Clay Staires of The Leadership Initiative

The majority of people in this world want wealth, that’s no secret. The funny thing is, no matter how many people desire this, the ratio of people that actually have it are few and far between! This is no coincidence. It’s fun to day dream about wealth but a whole other ball of wax is doing what is necessary to make wealth happen. In my years of personally coaching 100’s of people, meeting 1000’s at my speaking engagements and building successful businesses, I found that POSITIONING yourself is probably the most pertinent thing you can do on your journey of making wealth. I call this tool box:


  1. Know how to represent an organization WELL.  Not just represent yourself and your individuality.
  2. Know how to care for and nurture other humans WELL.  Inspire vs. Motivate and Lead vs. Manage
  3. Produce Desired Outcomes WELL.   Earn your PhD (Pig-Headed Determination) in Production.
  4. Know how to supervise an event and/or a project WELL.  Oversee like an owner not just like a participant.
  5. Live within your boundaries WELL.  Discipline and Character with your Budget, Diet, Exercise and Personal Development.
  6. Learn how to take ownership WELL.  It’s a mindset!
  7. Show Initiative WELL.  Be the first to step up.  Over provide! Over Deliver!
  8. Embrace Responsibility WELL.  Pursue it and Expand it.
  9. Learn to Influence WELL.  Win Friends and Influence People
  10. Know how to Sell a product WELL.  Sales is the backbone of commerce!
  11. Manage Your Time WELL.  By far the most precious gift given to man.
  12. Manage Your Life WELL.  Remove the drama.
  13. Learn how to Learn WELL.  Leaders are Readers!  Knowledge without Application is Meaningless.
  14. Develop Revenue Streams WELL instead of just a Paycheck.
  15. Learn How To Solve Problems WELL.  The more problems you solve for more people the more money you can make.  Solutions x # of People = Wealth

I look forward to seeing you separate from the pack and amass wealth to yourself by using these 15 tools.


-Clay Staires

Clay Staires